About Us

Our Mission

The Black Women's PAC is committed to help develop, build, train, fund and grow political and intellectual infrastructure necessary to help Black Women win elections and successfully govern once elected and to empowering Black Women as political donors in support of electing more Black Women to public office across the state of Texas.

Whereas a political action committee (PAC) may be new to some, it is not new to the political landscape outside of our community.  We Advocate. The Black Women's PAC is an organization to support the initiatives that impact women.
We Vote. Today, we are building a network supporting issues that affect Black women therefore represent the challenges in our community.  We Finance. Nothing is owed, everything is earned and financed.  It's time we collectively politically support one another.  We Protect.    We are our Sister's keeper.


Contribute to support Black Women Leading the way 

Our Vision

From the ballot box to the boardroom to the White House creating our own table to effectively influence the economics, quality of life and education of Black families by strategically inserting ourselves in the process in order to challenge, lead, manage and live on purpose.

Opportunities for Black Women

  • President or Vice President of the United States

  • United States Supreme Court Justice

  • Secretary of the Treasury of the United States

  • Public office at all levels of government and support the advancement of black women to corporate boards of directors and C-Level positions of executive administration

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Tracy Y. Scott


Advisory Executive Committee Members

Jean Coleman

Tasha Dennis

Camille Foster

Kelly Allen Gray

Jackie Jackson

Gleniece Robinson

Kimberly Sawyer 

Alisa Simmons

Nancy Wallace 

Rashida Wright