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BWPAC supports policies that protect and empower Black women and girls and their families. With a focus on social justice, human rights and equity, especially for those in marginalized communities, BWPAC aims to support policy that focuses on:

  1. Education – Equity in schools funding and academic programs, quality workforce training programs, reducing exorbitant student loan debt, prioritize financial literacy and elimination of the school to prison pipeline.

  2. Public Engagement - Focus on helping ourselves through civic engagement and community accountability, challenging gentrification and understanding the process and value of community development participation.

  3. Health & Wellness - Quality Affordable comprehensive healthcare, lowering the maternal mortality rates,  family and sick leave with pay for all employees, addressing the needs of people struggling with mental health diagnosis and complications, and the burden of greedy prescription drug costs.

  4. Business & Economic Development – Access to capital, realistic Minority Women Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (MWDBE) program goals and increased investment in entrepreneurs and social impact.

  5.  Law & Enforcement – Policies to prevent or punish discriminatory policing, bail system and recidivism reform and other practices that lead to mass incarceration, and finally, elect more people with interconnections to discrimination to serve as District Attorneys and Judges.

  6. Diversity & Inclusion – Eliminating practices that promote the racial and gender pay gaps and limit access to serve on executive boards and in C-Suite positions.

  7. Environment - Research on air pollution in urban neighborhoods, community investment and incentives addressing food deserts and swamps in disadvantaged neighborhoods,  more community focus water conservation, oil industry regulations and global warming.

Let's Make A Change

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