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About the #PowerInYourVote Movement

Black Americans everywhere are skeptical of the American political system, jaded by politicians and their words, and fed up with the senseless racial injustice seen time and again. Studies conducted in this 2020 election cycle show that all people, especially Black Americans, do not think their vote has a purpose, nor will make a difference.

To help awaken Black voters of Tarrant County, and the DFW metroplex to the POWER in your VOTE, the Black Women’s PAC, OCGPR led by Tonya Veasey, and more DFW partners have launched the #PowerInYourVote digital campaign. 

Why Is There Power In Your Vote?   


On Aug. 6, 1965, President Lyndon Johnson signed the 1965 Voting Rights Act removing all legal barriers that prevented Black Americans from exercising their rights to vote as guaranteed under the 15th Amendment to the Constitution.

Black Americans must never forget the long and bloody struggle for the right to vote because yesterday is never gone in politics and the struggle will always continue.

In response to the Black Lives Matter movement and other efforts to end systemic racism, Black Americans HAVE to channel our frustrations into voting - the POWER is in your VOTE. 

We will dismantle registered voter’s skepticism around voting and whether their vote will have an impact. #PowerInYourVOTE speaks to the individual and the broader Black community in the DFW metroplex.

Helpful Resources 


Statewide voting location link.  Choose the criteria search arrow to find your polling place.  

Tarrant County - Find Your Polling Location, Voter Lookup, Sample Ballot  

Dallas County - Find Your Polling Location, Voter Lookup, Sample Ballot 

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